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Wolfgand Peli, an austrian sciencetist, once made the statement that any experiement that did not prove right or wrong was considered not even wrong.  This research looks to show the dichotomy of architecture and its variety of “rights” that leads it to a field that is not even wrong in its general application.  This is applied mainly by a focus of fashion design as a means of modeling a building, showing the underbelly of architecture’s ability to occupy most fields in one way or another.


Looking towards a wide range of research, SDF intent is to show the use of discrete objects and their application in familiarity.  Whether social, genetic or personal, objects are familiar to use at a variety of scales.

Life and Death of Great Professions VOL III

An examination of the advancement of technology and its integration into various professional fields of research.

Life and Death of Great Architecture Education VOL II

A further dive into the timeline of technological advancement with a focus between schools, deans, and technological advances in fabrications and software.

Life and Death of Great Architecture Software

The use of software in architecture continues to expand and contract. This research looks to analysis its growth through several school over a given time.  Its conclusions look to pin point movement towards a speculative next.